Senate Passes Changing Age of Wrongful Death

Prosecutors may soon be able to charge a person who causes the death of a fetus with murder, no matter how far along the pregnancy. Tuesday afternoon 76 representatives voted to change the law. Representative Nate Steel, a democrat, presented the bill. He told lawmakers that prosecutors in these cases often spend a lot time and energy, not on proving who committed the crime but on just how far along the pregnancy was.The bill's sponsor Senator Jim Hendren said when he originally introduced this bill 14 years ago, it didn't have the 12 week exception, but he had to amend it with that exception for it to pass.Hendren feels this General Assembly is more inclined to make the change, especially with the Republican majorities, but he doesn't feel that the conservative agenda will always dominate legislation."People feel like that's all we're focusing on and that's really not the case. There are a lot of bills, but people have to understand some of these bills have been attempted for 30 years, and so there's a lot of pent up bills that never get out of committee, so I don't think that will be a trend that continues forever, but it is certainly a time where the legislature has changed it is a better climate for pro-life bills," said Hendren.