Senate Passes Private Option, House Fails for Third Time

The Arkansas Senate voted 27 to 8 to fund the Private Option. There was a relatively little speechmaking, mostly done by those who opposed the bill. They stepped up the mic not to change minds, but reiterate their reasons for opposing the bill. Senator Alan Clark warned colleagues of his propensity to say 'I told you so.'The bill passed through the Senate in a relatively calm manner. That's something members of chamber said makes them different than the House which has voted on and debated the bill three times, so far."I think it just speaks well for the Senate and our ability to move forward. It may be a controversial issue, but one that I think has been handled very respectfully in the chamber and one that I'm proud of my colleagues on both sides," said Sen. Jonathan Dismang.The House, once again, came up short of the 75 votes needed to pass. After three days, some members say they're worried that the daily votes will only be used against them in future elections. At the very least, the daily debate has created some grumbling amongst the membership."Am I concerned about them personally that they're having to subject themselves to that sort of insanity? Yes. It bothers me for them, and we've got members up here that are getting hit every day. We're stringing up here and hitting like a pinata," said Speaker Davy Carter.The House typically does not meet on Friday, but the Speaker is holding to his promise of a daily vote until the Private Option passes.