Senator Pryor: Feinstein's gun bill full of problems

Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, recently introduced a bill that would ban some military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

It's a proposal Senator Mark Pryor is opposed to. Senator Pryor appeared on Channel 7 News Daybreak Thursday morning. Pryor told KATV he understands the motive, but cannot get on board with the bill.

"I understand what she's trying to do," Pryor said. "But it has way too many problems and I don't support it."

Pryor said it's good the nation is having this conversation on gun safety, but that it's important to look at some of the problems Feinstein's bill would present.

"I know it's emotional because children were involved," Pryor said. "As a parent I understand that. I know everyone in Arkansas does. But let's look at the facts. We need to think of ways that we can help on this to try and lessen gun violence. I just think Senator Feinstein's bill falls short."

National Rifle Association's executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre testified at the gun safety hearing in Washington DC yesterday. LaPierre argued that the government should focus on enforcing existing gun laws rather than drafting new ones.

It's a statement Senator Pryor agrees with. "Let's look at the laws we have on the books," Pryor said. "Are we enforcing them? Are we keeping them out of the hands of criminals? Let's look at that and see where we are as a nation."

Pryor concluded by saying he is hearing a lot from his constituents. "I listen to people in Arkansas and that includes law enforcement. We need to find out their views on this and how they think this will impact what is happening on the highways and byways of Arkansas."