Report reveals Arkansas one step closer to first light rail system

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Central Arkansas is getting closer to having the state's first light rail system.

It's something Arkansans have been asking for years and a recent report reveals officials are already taking serious steps toward making this a reality.

It's all being put together by Metroplan an organization that works to develop metropolitan areas in Arkansas.They say another modern form of transportation is desperately needed in little rock because of the city's growing population.

If you drive between downtown Little Rock and West Little Rock you've probably experienced some of the rush our traffic that only seems to getting worse. This light rail will address that problem by running the length of I-630 with its final stop at the Clinton National Airport.

One expert says, in addition to the convenience the light rail will also address a growing concern for Arkansans.

"Gasoline prices have been rising. They'll continue to rise yes they'll go down but they're going to always bump back up," said Jim McKenzie, Executive Director of Metroplan. "It impacts people's pocket book in Central Arkansas more severely than a lot of places because we drive a lot here and it's because we don't have choices," he said.

Officials are encouraging people to offer up their ideas and suggestions at

Developers are still in the early stages of this project so they say it may not be completed until 2040.

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