Sermon Delivered to Congressman's Office

Several church-goers are appealing to Congressmen Tim Griffin as a Christian, asking him to vote to end the government shutdown which they say is hurting those who need to be protected. Tuesday, folks from New Millennium Church joined with other congregations and community service organizations to deliver letters to Griffin's office.
Wendell Griffen delivered a sermon that he preached in church the Sunday before, "The message is titled 'A Biblical Perspective on our Situation.' It's taken from the fifth chapter of Jeremiah, and basically it talks about the wickedness of political and social policy that causes suffering for people who are poor."
"It's very difficult to watch when you know they're struggling to begin with and then when there are further cuts, families really really struggle," said church member Kathy Findley.
Findley is focused on programs like WIC which will likely run dry by the end of the month and programs benefiting veterans young children which are feeling a similar strain.
"Jesus said in as much as you deny shelter, food, comfort to the least of these, you deny it to God," said Wendell Griffen.
Congressman Tim Griffin received and read the letters and responded saying, "The judge's implication that only big government liberals care for people is not serious. I have made it crystal clear that a shutdown is terrible policy. The House voted to fully fund Head Start and WIC, but Senate Democrats blocked it. Now that the President is negotiating, I believe an end is in sight, but we can all agree that crushing our kids and grandkids with $17 trillion in debt is immoral."

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