Several cyclists injured in accident in Woodruff County

A group of cyclists were riding along Highway 17, two miles north of McCrory, when they were hit by a car around 4:35 Tuesday evening.

State Police say a group of 13 cyclists were traveling northbound when a car struck seven of the cyclists at the rear of the group. Three were airlifted to Memphis or Little Rock hospitals and 4 others were taken by ambulance.

The bicycle touring program, Overland, says one person is in critical condition.

State Police say the cyclists were on a cross country trip from Charleston, South Carolina to Santa Monica, California. The trip was organized by Overland Summer Camps of Williamstown, Massachusetts.

The investigation into the crash is continuing.

Photos courtesy Walter Breckenridge of McCrory

Official statement released from Overland:

Newport, Arkansas - On July 2, 2013 seven individuals on an Overland bicycle touring program were injured when a car traveling on route 17 struck the group. Police and paramedics responded to the scene. Three of the individuals were airlifted from the scene, including one individual who is in critical condition. The remaining four individuals were transported by ambulance and were being treated at local hospitals. Of these four individuals, two have been released. At this time, we at Overland would like to express our deepest concern for those injured and our gratitude to the emergency response teams.

Overland is based in Williamstown, Massachusetts and provides summer camp programs for kids age 10 to 19. General information about Overland is available at Overland will update as more information becomes available.