Several LR families without home after massive blaze

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - The blaze started around 7 p.m. Wednesday evening at Green Terrace apartments off of Scott Hamilton Dr. It was Little Rock firefighters who noticed smoke coming out the apartments while they were getting gas nearby. They responded immediately and called for back-up.

Officials told Channel 7 the fire started in one unit and spread to seven others. Fifteen people were displaced, seven of those were children.

Besides the extensive damage that was made from this fire, what surprised one official the most was how willing neighbors were to help those affected by it.

"Just about everyone has a place to stay either with neighbors or family members and some of the family members actually live on site,"said Jason Weaver, Spokesperson for the Little Rock Fire Department. "So far every is taken care of," he said.

One woman said to lent a hand to a pregnant mother who managed to escape right at the knick of time.

"It was like engulfed in flames and the windows were busting out," said Shannon Buchanan, a resident at the complex. "There was a lady she was pregnant she didn't have on no shoes, barely even clothes and her kids were like half naked. My sister said you can use the phone and we brought her into our house," she said.

A firefighter was injured by falling debris. He was okay. No one else was injured.