Shaggy Treatment


Ownership at Edwards Cash Saver on Camp Robinson Road in North Little Rock says it is company policy that legitimate service animals are allowed to assist customers in all stores.

Rebecca Reid says that is not how things played out for her when she and her service dog Shaggy visited two weeks ago.

"He said well do you have papers or credentials saying that he is a service dog?" recalls Reid. "I said well yes I do but under ADA law you are not allowed to ask me that."

The only two questions that can be asked are 1. Is this a service dog? and 2. What tasks does the service dog perform?

That's it.

Reid had the credentials the store manager wanted to see, but knowing the law she refused to produce them on principle and left.

In explaining the actions of the store manager, Edwards Cash Saver says in a statement that " appeared that she was not getting any assistance from her dog." That she wasn't asked to leave until "...she got belligerent." That "...some animals are a health hazard that shouldn't be around many foods." And that "...many customers are scared of animals."

"We need to make it a little easier for people with disabilities to be independent and have a complete and full life," says Reid.

Reid has filed a complaint with the Arkansas Disability Rights Commission because she says her goal is educating people about the law.

Air date: March 25th, 2014