Shannon Hills volunteers continue winter storm cleanup

SHANNON HILLS (KATV) -- A community rallied together Saturday to clean up after last week's winter storm.

Remnants of the winter storm are still visible around the area.Members of Healing Waters Outreach Center and neighbors volunteered their time to help with cleanup efforts.That help could not have come at a better time for Kathy Frala.{}Frala's husband Jim, a well-known community leader, is still recovering from surgery to remove lung cancer."I was thankful this morning when these guys showed up," Frala said.Nearly 20 volunteers chopped, pulled, lifted and hauled for their community.Smiles and thanks were their only payment."It's just hard to even count the blessings that we've had since he had his surgery and now he's totally cancer free; no cancer cells left," Frala said. "And then these guys show up and cut my trees, so I think I'll celebrate again."The volunteers cleaned up about 15 homes Saturday.Under the direction of Mayor Mike Kemp, Public Works employees pitched in as well, collecting the debris piles for disposal.To report storm damage and debris, call 311 or send a request at by clicking on the 311 logo on the upper right side of the home page.