Sheridan instagram account being investigated for cyber bullying

(KATV)-An Instagram account called haters.of.sheridan is being investigated by the Sheridan Police Department and the Sheridan School District for cyber bullying.A detective for the Sheridan Police Department told Channel 7 News that they did receive a complaint and filed a police report on June 6 about the account. They are looking into the account and trying to figure out who is behind it. They will likely turn the information over to the county prosecutor. UALR criminal justice professor Dr. Jeffrey Walker says it's hard for law enforcement to prosecute cyber bullying."Ultimately you're going to have to go through the prosecutor if you want to do anything about it because it could be a prosecution case. Or you could go the civil route. Going to the police doesn't help much because in these kind of cases, the police are kind of ham strung to get involved. They don't really go into Instagram sites," Walker said. There is a cyber bullying law in Arkansas, which is a Class B misdemeanor. "If I call you a name, and I call you a name one time, that may not mean anything. That can be freedom of speech, that can be anything. If I clearly threaten you and get into a situation where I say i'm going to take your life then that's a threat, but there's so much gray area, that's where this takes place, where it may be a threat or not that gets to be an issue," said Walker. The Sheridan School District says they do take cyber bullying very seriously and are looking into the matter as well.