Sheriff increasing patrols to late-night convenience stores

Another late night convenience store robbery leaves the front clerk dead -- this time in Pine Bluff.

The concern now is if it's connected with the robberies in Jacksonville and North Little Rock, which left another store clerk murdered at work.

Investigators we spoke with today told agreed gas stations are vulnerable to robberies because many have one person working them and they're open late at night in rural areas.

Now, more frequent stops by the cops is the plan to increase safety.

A crime scene from the Big Red Food Mart on East 6th Avenue in Pine Bluff has authorities worried the same people may be behind crimes from Pulaski to Jefferson

"We have spoken with North Little Rock police detectives to share information with them to see if we have any similarities to see if our suspects might be the same," said Captain Greg Shapiro with Pine Bluff Police.

"Suspects are mobile and they will jump from city-to-city or even into the county," said Pulaski County Sheriff Doc Holladay.

Holladay, said surveillance cameras may not be enough to stop criminals, so he's sending more of his men and women to some of these late night shops.

"(We) have them keep an eye on these convenience stores as much as possible during their shift so we're really providing 24-hour coverage as much as we can," he continued.

"They're easy targets. Many of them are in isolated areas and many of them have a single attendant on duty. Those kinds of things attract individuals who are looking for someone who's an easy target."

A $10,000 reward is still out there for three individuals who are behind killing the store clerk in North Little Rock.

In Pine Bluff there's a $1,000 reward out for that homicide case and attempted robbery, but authorities have no released a photo of the suspect in that case.

A community group announced it will host a "Stop The Violence," news conference Thursday at 2 pm in the Greater Shiloh Church of North Little Rock.