Sheriff's investigator resigns amid off-duty shooting probe

Randy Jackson

PINE BLUFF (KATV) - Jefferson County Sheriff's Investigator Randy Jackson submitted his letter of resignation on Friday to Sheriff Robinson, immediately ending his eight-year career with the law enforcement agency. Jackson is at the center of a criminal and administrative investigation into why he shot Dedric Jones, 36, while off duty at a Pine Bluff nightclub.

"He acknowledged that he had a great opportunity, a great career here," said Major Lafayette Woods Jr., speaking to what Jackson's letter said. "He actually appreciated the Sheriff for actually giving him the opportunity to work in the division he's worked in."

Jackson worked as an investigator in the narcotics division within the Jefferson County Sheriff's office. The now former deputy, Jackson was off-duty at Swann's Nightclub on July 5. Authorities say at 3:30 AM, Jackson shot Jones one time in the chest. In a previous interview, Jones' family told KATV the altercation involved a girl at the bar that evening. Sheriff's officials say the investigation is ongoing and is being conducted by the Pine Bluff Police Department since the incident occurred inside the city limits.

"Obviously with an officer being there and not being able to answer questions about whether or not her was on or off duty, it certainly raises some questions," said Major Woods.

His resignation also raises questions about the reasons for his resignation. Major Woods said the letter only mentioned resignation based on personal matters, something the Sheriff's office doesn't question, but he acknowledges the concern.

"With a resignation prompted before an investigation is completed, on the i.e. side or either on the criminal side, it obviously raises some questions also," said Woods.

The probes into what happened at Swann's continue, despite the resignation. Woods commented that investigators probably won't factor Jackson's resignation into their actual investigation since there was no guilt admitted in the letter. In the meantime, the Jefferson County Prosecutor's office sits on the case file.

"The prosecutor is going to have to make a decision whether or not there's warranted charges to be filed," said Woods.

No charges were filed the night Jackson shot Jones. Jones survived the single shot to the chest and was released from the hospital earlier this week.