Sherwood brothers take police departments to court for scanner lawsuit

Two Sherwood brothers battled the North Rock and Little Rock police departments Thursday for encrypting their police radios. Jeremy and Brandon Mullens want open access to all police radio traffic.Jeremy Mullens is an independent adjuster and his brother Brandon Mullens is a truck driver.In court, the Mullens called Gary Gray from the North Little Rock emergency services and Captain Leonard Montgomery from the North Little Rock Police Department to the stand.Little Rock Police Chief Kenton Buckner came to court but was not called to the stand.The defense says the majority of the decision to encrypt the scanners was made under previous police chief Stuart Thomas. Mullens will have to decide whether he will request Thomas or Buckner to be questioned in court.Jeremy Mullens said he had trouble getting documents that he requested from the Little Rock Police Department to be prepared to battle in court."It seems to me they're trying to hide information from me or some kind of evidence I can use. I hadn't gotten anything from Little Rock that I could use today. So I don't even know what I would be able to ask them or where I would be able to go with that," Mullens said.Looking forward, the Mullens brothers said they need to change their approach."Getting someone that can comment on the scanner issue and getting that as a form of the police radio transmissions can be reviewed," Mullens said.City Attorney Thomas Carpenter, representing LRPD, and Assistant Attorney Matthew Fleming, representing the NLRPD, declined to comment further.The next court date is set for September 17 at the Pulaski County District Court.