Sherwood hits roadblock in school district formation

SHERWOOD (KATV) - In 2004, some Sherwood community members first considered separating from Pulaski County Special School District. This past year, the idea picked up steam to the delight of some parents who favor local control, but community leaders now say they've hit a road block.

"We are here today to express our profound disappointment with the last minute change to proposed desegregation settlement," said Linda Remele, co-chair of the Sherwood Public Education Foundation.

The change comes from paragraph E of the proposed settlement and bars any new district - except Jacksonville - from forming until PCSSD is declared unitary.

"Why is it allowable for one community to form its own school district and follow state statutes and not Sherwood?" asked Remele.

For now, the foundation is considering all the options, including challenging the settlement. Depending on community reaction, the foundation will consider filing a grievance with the court before the December 23 deadline.

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