Sherwood police officer responding to chase hits house/cars

SHERWOOD (KATV) -- A Sherwood police officer is out of the hospital after crashing into two homes and multiple cars.

The officer was responding to a motor vehicle pursuit, according to Sherwood Police Department spokesperson Lt. Jamie Michaels.

The incident happened at 1109 Wildwood, where totaled cars and the remnants of a garage door littered the yard Thursday afternoon.

Cody Dickerson told Channel 7 News he was in the home's living room when he heard the crash.

"I thought a tree actually fell on the house," Dickerson said. "I went outside and there were blue lights halfway in my garage."

Dickerson said the officer hit the corner of another house and several cars, pushing one into the garage.

"They hit the corner of that house, just on the edge of it, then plowed through this one," Dickerson explained.

When everything came to a halt, Dickerson said the garage door was in the garage along with five cars. There was only one wall separating the garage from the living room where Dickerson was watching a movie.

"It really hasn't sunk in," Dickerson said.

Dickerson said seven vehicles were involved in some way.

Dickerson does not live in the home. He explained he is house sitting for his brother while the family is on vacation at Disney World.

"I sent him pictures and he was just like stunned," Dickerson said.

Michaels said the officer was treated for injuries and has been released from the hospital.