Shock refutes affair claim; feds investigating potential mail fraud

Copy of the fake birth certificate

(KATV) Conway - It's an election year and while four republicans are running for Faulkner County Sheriff someone has started a smear campaign.

The ploy was meant to hurt, even destroy, Major Andy Shock's chances. But with a few phone calls, the documents were proven to be false, and now you could say it's back-firing because Major Shock is getting a lot of positive attention.

Major Andy Shock is known to many in the community as a proud husband and father, so when a few Conway voters started receiving documents in the mail indicating Shock had an illegitimate child, he was floored. Not because of the seemingly legal documents, but because they turned out to be fake, sent from Hooks, Texas.

One sentence reads, "Mr. Shock is being sued by the mother of his child for failure to pay child support."

Shock says, "In my campaign, I have experienced a lot of negative campaigning and a lot of negative politics."

But nothing quite this extreme. The Texas birth certificate reads that a baby boy was born to an African American woman in 2009 and lists Shock as the father.

He fires back, "It's an obvious extreme hatred for me for whatever reason, or really wanting the office of the Sheriff bad enough to cross over that moral line."

Shock has his suspicions as to who did this and he's very anxious for the guilty parties to be uncovered and face the consequences. "The postal inspector has some really good leads and some really good evidence as to who is responsible."

Shock says he'll continue his campaign without negative jabs at opponents. "That's why a lot of citizens nowadays are turned off by politics because of all the negativity and everybody throws all their negativity in and nobody knows what the truth is."

At least 20-documents were mailed from Texas on March 28. A postal inspector is investigating the case. Anyone behind the scheme could face a charge of mail fraud for each letter sent. It is a federal offense.

He hasn't ruled out the option to file a lawsuit, but Shock is more focused on the campaign and finding out who did it. Deciding to sue will come down the line.