Shoddy Potty

A high water bill mystery we told you about last night hasn't been solved for certain.

But a good-hearted plumber thinks he has cracked the case.

Trey Goacher was watching our newscast Monday night and wanted a shot at solving Jackie Sykes' high water bill problems and agreed to offer her a special, one-time rate: free-of-charge.

The process of finding the source of a high water bill is often a process of elimination.

So Goacher first turned on some water and checked the water meter to see if it is working properly.

He says it is.

Next Goacher went underneath the house to check for leaks.

Finding none, he headed inside to check the bathroomor more specifically, the commode.

Could a faulty toilet create a $500 water bill?

"I've seen houses with $600.00, $700.00, $800.00 billsjust over running toilets," says Goacher. "They've got a zip tie around the flush valve right here where the flapper is at."

Goacher immediately found several problems with the toilet in Jackie's rent houseso many in fact that he recommends replacement rather than repair.

"The best fix would probably be a new toilet because this one has got a crack in it right here and this flush valve is ancient and by the time you take the tank off you'll probably end up cracking it more and breaking it," says Goacher. "Instead of trying to patch her toilet back together or something like that we're going to go ahead and put in a brand new toilet in here. It will be a good quality toilet and we shouldn't have any more problems."

And again, Goacher and his companyArkansas Piping Systemsput that toilet in for Jackie today and put it in for free.

Goacher is very confident this fix will put a stop to high water bills in the future. We'll check in a couple weeks to see if the solution is working.

Some more good news: Central Arkansas Water will not be shutting off Jackie's service on the 11th. CAW plans to continue to investigate her problem and help her with the high bills she owes.

Air date: April 2nd

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