Shoffner Reviews Requested

Former State Treasurer Martha Shoffner faces 14 federal counts, including extortion.

But two legislators are asking other agencies to review Shoffner's actions.

They want to know...was perjury committed? Should anybody else be charged? And can the state get any money back?

Those are some of the questions two legislators are hoping to get answered.

The U.S. Attorney has already presented findings to a grand jury that in turn indicted Martha Shoffner.

But other agencies are also reviewing the evidence against her.

Last week state senator Bryan King and State Representative Kim Hammer sent letters to three agencies requesting reviews of the Shoffner case.

To the Attorney General: "There is some concern that state funds may have been improperly traded or invested." Please review and "...ascertain whether any basis exists for recovering state funds or other damages."

To the Arkansas Securities Department: "There is some concern that improper trades or investments may have occurred..." "Please review the enclosures and ascertain whether any of the individuals or firms licensed by your office...should be held to account for such violations."

To the Pulaski County prosecutor: "We are concerned that perjured testimony may have been given." "Please review the enclosures and determine whether further investigation, and perhaps prosecution, is warranted." And " the investment transactions and determine if they warrant further action."

"Certain individuals were charged with federal...some were not charged with anything...and we feel that we need to do a good thorough job making sure that everybody that is responsible for any action in this situation is held accountable," says Republican representative Kim Hammer of Benton.

These letters were sent out last week and Representative Hammer and Senator King are encouraging the agencies to respond within 30 days.

Air date: July 11th, 2013