Shoot Out: Three Men Injured, One Fled

(KATV) Alexander- Two men with serious injuries are at area hospitals. Investigators believe the men got into a shoot out over drugs.

911 operators started getting calls at about 3:38 Monday afternoon. The first call was from Lorene Salazar, a mom who was waiting at her kids bus stop when she heard the shots. She says about 10-officers showed up within 5-minutes, right before the bus showed up with kids.

Salazar recalls, "I was at the bus stop waiting for my kids and I heard about 15 shots fired as I was about to get out of my truck. That's when I saw a (black) man running towards the bus stop with a gun in his hand."

Salazar says the man was covered in blood, got in the driver seat of a car and fled. (He has not been arrested and is likely injured.)

Alexander Police Chief Horace Walters says two other male victims are hospitalized with bullet wounds in the chest, arms and legs, but they are also suspects, believed to have shot each other outside a home off Lindsey Drive and Violet Cove.

Chief Walters says no one has been charged because the suspects are in surgery. He adds, "We don't know who shot who, we have a pretty good idea but we have to wait for ballistics to show who shot who."

Investigators say this was a drug related shooting, they found quote, "a lot of money and drugs" near one of the injured men.

Chief Walters says Alexander citizens should feel safe. "This was an isolated incident and we will start focusing more attention over here in this area."

Salazar just feels lucky she and the kids were not caught in the middle of a shoot out. "There are a lot of children around here; anything could happen so you have to look out for the children."

The Saline County Sheriff's Office is assisting with this case. The sheriff says several years ago they served drug related search warrants at the address where the shoot out happened Monday.

Police confirm one of the victims lives at that home near the intersection of Lindsey Drive and Violet Cove and a third man who fled is probably injured.

ALEXANDER, Ark. (AP) - A police chief in central Arkansas says two men were wounded during what authorities believe was a drug-related shooting.

Alexander Police Chief Horace Walters says one man was taken to a hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds after authorities found him in a yard on Monday afternoon. Walters says another man was taken to a local hospital before police arrived.

Walters said he didn't know the condition of either victim.

He also said drugs and money were recovered from the scene of the shooting in Alexander, which is just outside Little Rock.

Police were working to determine whether anyone else was involved in the shooting.

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