Shooting death marks first Conway homicide of the year

Conway police were called to a home early Tuesday morning and found a man dead on the front porch. Police said Francesco Trujillo, 42, was shot in the chest, making his death the first homicide of the year in Conway. "There's lots of kids in the area. But other than that, there's people walking back and forth all the time. Nobody's really afraid of much because they've lived here for a long time," said neighbor Christie Russell. Trujillo was with his wife and family members on Monday night, according to his wife, who told police she went inside and went to bed at around midnight. His family said when they left him, everything was fine. "When the family left they said everything was ok and that they all left about the same time and that he was okay," said LaTresha Woodruff of the Conway Police Department. "They didn't know anything had happened until his wife called and said she found him and she found him lying on the porch and he didn't look right." Authorities said they did receive clues from several witnesses. A neighbor remembered hearing a gunshot and another witness saw a suspicious car in the area. "On average, we don't have more than one homicide a year and some years we don't even experience a homicide," Woodruff said. "So as you can imagine when this happens, it's something that alarms people in Conway." As detectives search for a suspect, many in the neighborhood said they're rattled by the crime. "I'll keep them in my prayers, I'm sorry this happened to this family," Russell said. If you have any information on this case, you're asked to call Conway police.