Shrimp and Scallop Spicy Cocktail, 6/27/13

      ChefMark Abernathy{}{} Loca Luna & Red DoorRestaurants


      6- 8 serving in Martini Glasses


      2/3lb small - medium shrimp (peeled & cleaned, tail off)

      1/3lb scallops

      2tablespoons fresh lemon juice

      1tablespoon fresh orange juice

      1tablespoon fresh lime juice

      1/2cup Thai Sweet Hot Chili Sauce

      1/2teaspoon salt

      1/4teaspoon pepper

      1/2cup tomatoes

      1/4cup red onion{}{} finely chopped

      1tablespoon fresh jalapeno finely chopped

      1tablespoon fresh cilantro

      1avocado{} diced in 1/2 " chunks


      Blanchshrimp and scallops in boiling water for 3 - 4 minutes. Allow to cool slowlyfor 5 - 10 minutes. Mix with all other ingredients and chill thoroughly.{} Serve in a champagne glass with a wheel offruit, a sprig of cilantro and few tortilla chips on the side. I like to topwith very thinly sliced shreds of fried tortillas.{}