Sierra Club says tests show oil in Lake Conway following spill

The Sierra Club says tests show there's oil in Lake Conway following the{}oil spill in Mayflower.

The spill was the result of a break in the Pegasus Pipeline, which runs through a Mayflower{}neighborhood.

Glen Hooks, Senior Campaign Representative for the club{}says the oil was detected in tests performed by an independent spill cleanup company, OPFLEX Solutions.{}{} OPFLEX creates and deploys its products for oil cleanup both internationally, and in the{}U.S.

Hooks says preliminary findings indicate the presence of tar sands in Lake Conway,{}which is the substance that was being transported down the now shuttered pipeline.{}{}

Scott Smith, owner and founder of OPFLEX Solutions says, "Preliminary results show that the tar sands are{}are not only in Lake Conway, but are moving beyond Lake Conway and toward the Arkansas River".{}

We're trying to get a comment on the test results from Exxonmobil.{} Tune in the Live at Five and Channel Seven News at Six for details.