Silver Alert issued for Garland Co. man

GARLAND COUNTY (KATV) - Arkansas State Police activated a Silver Alert for missing Jessieville man Dan M. Roberson. He was last seen July 9 near his home on Blakely Camp Road in Jessieville just outside of Hot Springs Village.

Friday, July 12 isday 4 in the search for a missing elderly man from Jessieville in GarlandCounty.

Thursday, at about midnight,volunteersearchers located personal effects from Roberson's vehicle on a hiking trailoff of Main Haul Road off of Hwy 7 North. While investigators were processingthe scene and gathering the items, searchers located a stolen vehicle in adense wooded area near where the personal effects were located. That vehiclehas been taken to the Sheriff's Office for processing.

Garland County deputies say that at this point foulplay is suspicioned in the disappearance but there are no persons of interest.

Friday, searchers with the Mounted Patrol; Search& Rescue Unit, Volunteer Fire Department and other volunteers will searchon foot and horseback for Roberson and his vehicle.

Dan Roberson, 71, waslast seen at his home on Blakely Camp Road, just outside Hot Springs Village. Relativesay he has a daily routine he follows and the events from Tuesday are adding upto be very suspicious.

Friends and familyhave spent their days and nights by car, ATV and on foot looking for any signsof Dan Roberson or his silver 2012 Chevrolet SK1 truck.

Pastor Jimmie Scottsays, "They have been driving everywhere they think he might, places hemight go."

Pastor Scott hasknown Dan for decades. He says Dan only drives in a few mile radius of the homehe has shared with his family for more than 30-years. "I have asked the lord toguide us, to help us. He is a wonderful man."

Dan's brother in-law DougBlackwell, is reportedly the last person to see him - that was 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.Blackwell says, "I talked to him about 15-minutes then I left."

Blackwell says Danhas a routine he follows every day and it starts with watering his garden. He hasnever left the water hose on and across the drive way unattended. That is howit looked 24-hours later, as if Dan planned to step away for a few minutes.

Blackwell says, "Itis just a bad situation. What I figure, just a guessing. Somebody come alongand asked to go to the store right quick or they might have had a gun. I don'tknow."

Dan's granddaughtersays he disappeared between 10:30 and noon when she took a nap and he has neverleft without waking her up to ask what she wants from the store.

Also, he does not have a phone and notifiessomeone of where he is going before he leaves.

Blackwell adds, "Hedisappeared and I haven't heard or seen nothing ever since."

Pastor Scott says, "Everybodyis going to do their best. Do their best. Like I said, we love him."

Dan Roberson doesn'thave his diabetes medication.

Roberson, 71, weighs 225 pounds, 6'2" with gray hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a blue button-up shirt and blue jeans. He may be in a silver 2012 Chevrolet SK1 truck with a chrome toolbox and Arkansas license plate 567-JPY.

Garland Countydeputies are investigating. They ask that anyone with information on thedisappearance of Dan Roberson contact investigators at 501-622-3690 or ouranonymous tip line at 501-622-3674.