Six years after son's murder, mother wants more answers

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- It's been six years since 28-year-old Carsno Givens Jr. was shot several times and murdered behind a Little Rock building.

Since then, this case has gone cold, but Givens' mother continues to believe that someone out there knows who killed her son that night, and she's looking for justice.

A lot can change in six years -- our jobs, the value of a dollar, or the place we call home -- but one thing that rarely wavers is a mother's love for her son. That's the exact case in searching for Givens Jr.'s killer.

It was January 28 of 2008 when police learned his white Cadillac was filled with bullet holes near the intersection of 18th and Jones in Little Rock. Givens was found in the backseat dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

"I believe that whoever murdered my son, he knew who they was," said Givens' mother, Vera Williams.

Williams said she continues to do investigating of her own in the case by talking with people around the neighborhood who may know what happened to her son. By doing that over the last several years, she believes she's slowly putting pieces together of what happened six years ago.

In the police report a prostitute claims she and Givens had sex then two black males dressed in black with black ski masks started shooting.

Givens' mother doesn't buy that story, nor the fact that evidence collected wasn't able to turn up a suspect.

"They're steadily saying it was at the lab, at the crime lab, at the crime lab, at the crime lab. I've heard nothing from them to this day about it. Then, I've called for the detective, the detective don't call me. I called for this interview because I want to know what happened to my son," Williams pleaded.

Police have interviewed multiple people for this case, but not enough information has come to light to make an arrest.

If you know anything about this case, any details at all, you're urged to call the LRPD Crime Stoppers at (501) 371-4636. You can remain anonymous.