Slashed Christmas decorations don't hamper neighborhood's holiday spirit

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Destroyed holiday decorations aren't hampering the Christmas spirit of one West Little Rock neighborhood after a woman's Christmas display was slashed over the weekend.

Candy canes toppled, Christmas lights cut, some even crushed, but the worst for Tina Miller was five of her prized Christmas inflatables were slashed with a knife.{} It was a horrible scene for not only Miller to wake up to on Sunday morning, but her whole neighborhood.

"The neighborhood very much took offense to this," said Miller.{} "It was an invasion on our neighborhood of something that was put here for the families of this neighborhood to enjoy."

It was a Christmas collection she had worked on for nearly 30 years, starting with an inflatable "Cat in the Hat" which unfortunately didn't survive the vandalism.{}

There was just one year Miller's display didn't make it up for the holidays, which had neighborhood kids wondering what had happened.

"I had people stopping by and asking me, was I sick, was something wrong, because the display was not up," said Miller.

This year when neighbors saw the destruction they began to call and e-mail.

"They said, I've got some in my attic, let me come put them up," recalled Miller.{} "Let us come and we'll all patch them together, let's just get them back up."

Patch them up is what Miller did, using a hot-glue gun and some industrial strength Velcro she was able to save most of her decorations.{} It was a process that took about two days.

"I really felt a tingling yesterday when I finished the last one," remarked Miller.

Now the decorations are back up for those driving by to see once again.

Although Miller is clearly upset, she isn't asking much from the culprit.

"Come give me an apology, maybe do some yard work," said Miller.{} "Maybe show me your spirit a little bit and show me that you meant me no harm or meant this neighborhood no harm."

Miller's glad she was able to fix them this year, but unfortunately she's worried they might not make it to next year.