Slow Flow On I-40

MAYFLOWER (KATV) -A major headache for daily commuters on Interstate 40, brought on by first by Mother Nature and now by human nature. If you're planning to go to Conway for Toad Suck Daze this weekend and you're traveling from Pulaski County, you better allow for some extra time. It's hard to blame drivers for slowing down to take a better look at the destructive power of nature that lines both sides of Interstate 40 at Mayflower. But for commuters who see it at least twice a day, the crawl is driving them crazy. The slow down starts miles before you reach the point where an EF-4 twister crossed Interstate 40. Tens of thousands of travelers are getting a close up look at something many have never seen up close before. But getting a good look takes time...and that time is coming out of the days of daily commuters. "The only way the rubber necking is going to get better is if both sides of the interstate get cleaned up. is that on the list..." "That is on the list," answers Mayflower Mayor Randy Holland. "In fact I've got a call in to Scott Bennett trying to help us get that done." Mayor Holland says Saturday morning thousands of volunteers will visit Faulkner County and work under the direction of the national relief organization Team Rubicon. The hope is that the awe-inspiring views left along Interstate 40 will be less impressive come Monday morning. "I think Monday morning...that's a big huge thing," says Mayor Holland. "We've got school going back. And I know it's not going to be totally normal but I think we've got to get our citizens and our kids back to a semi-normal situation. And I think we're getting there." One thing you can't see...a major power line that used to cross Interstate 40 and brings power to the Mayflower residents on the other side. Restoring that line will be a high priority this weekend. Hopefully clearing debris along the interstate will be close behind.Air date: May 2nd, 2014