Small Business Saturday shopping made simple - 18 stores in one

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Inside a house at the corner of Beechwood Street and Woodlawn Drive is the Shoppes on Woodlawn - a 3,000 foot space that houses 18 different local shops all with Arkansas-based owners. Although not all of the goods sold inside are made in Arkansas, when bought they give directly back to the Arkansas economy.

"It has certainly evolved into something special and I don't know that we thought about that in the very beginning," said Jessica Davis, co-owner of Shoppes on Woodlawn.

Davis and her business partner bought the home at 4523 Woodlawn Drive just to buy the property. The two enjoyed antiquing, but knew they couldn't use the whole space on their own. They decided to rent out spaces in the store to small businesses and now it's home to over a dozen of them.

The store has everything from food mixes originating out of Hot Springs, locally made soaps, Arkansas trivia games, clothing and everything in between.

Saturday, business was booming more than usual, much due to the holiday shopping season but also because of Small Business Saturday - a shopping holiday thought up by American Express all to support local mom and pop commerce.

"Some people have come in because they said, 'I've been thinking about coming in this business. I haven't stopped and I decided Small Business Saturday I would stop and see what's going on,'" said Davis.

All of the people who came into the shop, Davis said, said they will be back. Davis mentioned the importance of frequenting, not only her shop, but other local stores - it has a direct impact on the community you shop in.

"The amount of money that stays in Arkansas when you support your small businesses, that's a lot," said Davis. "That is certainly an important aspect of I guess any small business."

However Davis mentioned the best part of shopping local is the customer service - something they enjoy taking part in and what she believes sets her and other small businesses apart from their big box equivalents.

"You are not just a customer," said Davis. "You become friends."

If you missed out on Small Business Saturday, Shoppes on Woodlawn is open seven days a week during the Christmas shopping season. You can always access Shoppes on Woodlawn online as well and purchase many gifts on the internet - helping out on Cyber Monday too.