S&N Masonry

A new business name but the same old complaints are coming in to our Seven-On-Your-Side office.

When we told you about Steven Murry last year his business was called Unique Brick.

Now it's S&N Masonrybut not much else has changed.

When some North Little Rock neighbors saw a new stone mailbox in their Quail Creek subdivision, many wanted one of their own.

What most have gotten for their money instead is either a partially finished mailbox or in several cases no mailbox at all.

"I have called and called so many times," says Janie Althoff, who has so far paid $200. "He has called me back and he gives me all kinds of excuses as to what, you know, why he has not been here orwhatever."

Althoff says work done along her driveway is substandard and her old mailbox now sits atop her newspaper box. A new mailbox hasn't even been started.

Up the road there is another project where material was left months ago and much work is left to do.

"I think he is a scammer," says Darwin McKinney. "I think he's a scammer. He has visited with six or seven people in the neighborhood and started mailboxescollecting money up frontand of course never coming back."

When we visited Steven Murry's North Little Rock home somebody inside wasn't happy to see us, shutting the blinds as we approached.

But Murry came out to explain that his customers were either being impatient or not giving him enough money up front.

"But they have all given you money to get started."

"I understand that," said Murry. "But what I'm saying is they're not giving me what I ask for. If I ask for $200they'll give me $100. That sets me backevery single time."

"Well you're not giving them what they ask forand that is progress."

That is certainly true for Rocky Yelenich, who paid Murry $200 June 26th. Murry hasn't been backso Rocky still gets his mail out of the same mailbox.

"WellI'd like to get somebody to kick thecrap out of him," says Yelenich.

"It makes you kind of angry?"

"Ohit is worse than that," says Yelenich. "It's stealing."

Murry says Mr. Yelenich and all his neighbors will be satisfied by the end of next week.

We'll see.

Air date: October 2nd, 2012