Snakes on a flame

Recent storms and high winds in Craighead County toppled trees, creating a big mess for residents to clean up.Billy Wise was cleaning up debris when he came across an unwelcome surprise. Wise was removing the tarp from his quail pen when he spotted two snakes. He says he laid the tarp back down, got a pellet gun, and shot them.Wise threw the snakes in a burning barrel, but it's what happened next that caught him by surprise."The little one latched out and grabbed my thumb right there and was just biting me and I was trying to get him off but he was on fire." Wise continued, "Then the big three footer struck me on the wrist."Wise was rushed to Arkansas Methodist Medical Center in Paragould, but he had to be air evacuated to North Little Rock because it took seven units of anti-venom and Paragould only had one.Wise says he didn't think he would make it because his heart stopped twice and he quit breathing.He has a message for anyone cleaning up debris: be very careful about picking up anything around a brush pile...and keep an eye out for snakes.