Snow Geese Slaughter


The order has been given in Arkansas to kill several species of geese at will.

If images of dead and wasted wildlife upset you, then this story will certainly upset you.

Most hunting seasons set limits on the amount of game you can kill. But until early April a licensed hunter in Arkansas can kill all the light geese he or she wants to...which can lead to a wasteful result.

We observed dozens of snow, blue and Ross geese dumped along side a rural Lonoke county road.

It is the result no doubt of some hunters who killed more than they needed or wanted or more than they wanted to clean.

It's a problem that has been created by another problem...overpopulation.

"The flocks can get into the thousands," says Sgt. Matt Flowers, a wildlife officer with Arkansas Game and Fish. "I mean, you can have a freshly harvested field and they can easily get into the thousands."

A few weeks ago in Monroe County we observed thousands of light geese on several fields.

A winter wheat field can be devastated by the geese...and the food supply for native, non-migratory birds is threatened as well.

So a Conservation Order issued by the federal government allows for unlimited kills until April 5th.

No waterfowl stamps are required. Electronic game calls can be used. Unplugged shotguns are allowed. The more dead snow, blue and Ross geese the least in the eyes of the National Wildlife Federation.

But leaving birds rotting along the roadside is not what state and federal officials want.

"If you don't want 'em, at least clean 'em and there are people out there who would take them," says Sgt. Flowers.

Anyone caught wasting wildlife in this way can be fined up to $2,500.00 and lose six points on his or her hunting license.

To report a violation call 1-800-482-9262 or text to your anonymous tip to TIP411.

Air date: February 17th, 2014