Social media & political power

(CNN) - Not long after Mitt Romney made his concession in Boston and confetti fell in Chicago, the speculation was underway: what happens in 2016?

Future candidates can take a lot form the 2012 race and that includes the way they interact with you, the voters.

Matt Ragas of DePaul University studied the use of social media throughout the 2012 campaigns. Perhaps the biggest development in the voter-candidate relationship was use of the second screen.

"How many of us were also multitasking, looking at their Twitter feed? Or playing around on Facebook?" said Ragas. "We're much more where we can jump on something right away and there's multipurpose, multiple things going on at the same time."

That's why things like a "binders full of women" Tumblr and a "Joe Biden's smirk" Twitter account showed up before surrogates could even hit spin rooms.

According to Ragas, "We are having an amplified voice, in terms of the average ordinary person, is contributing now to that discussion and their voice is increased to some extent."