Soldier surprise: Father returns early to see daughter at Harding University

SEARCY (KATV) - Just in time for the holidays, one Harding University student got quite the surprise.

Senior Alley Robison was walking to the podium during chapel Monday to make an announcement when someone grabbed her attention.

"She didn't see me for awhile and I just sort of stayed behind her for a bit," said Col. Elmo Robison. "She was about to make the announcement and they asked her to turn around and she saw me and she was speechless."

The surprise appearance was the first time Alley had seen her father in about five months. Col. Robinson was deployed in Afghanistan.

"I turned around and I was just speechless and so thankful that he's back here and safe. I don't even know what to say," Alley laughed.

"It was beautiful. It was great to see her again," said Col. Robison.

This article has been amended from its original version which said that Robison had not seen her father in more than a year, based on information from Harding University. The university later said it had actually been five months.