Some Mayflower residents seeking legal action against Exxon

MAYFLOWER (KATV) - It's been a week since the catastrophe in Mayflower{}and crews are still working near homes. But residents say there are devastating long term effects that cannot be simply cleaned up and Exxon needs to pay for it.

"My property value is probably not going to be the same anymore," said James Robinson, a homeowner affected by the oil spill.

This is just one of the many things residents say they'll have to deal with long after clean up crews have packed up and left. Some met with local lawyers{}Friday to talk{}about taking on the giant company in court.

"They don't have to be intimidated, there are people that know how to do this. We're those people, we're working with those people," said Andrew Vines, of the Johnson and Vines law firm. "Do not be intimidated."

Residents argue that Exxon is only offering to pay for property damage and their hotel stay when the inconvenience they've experienced goes far beyond the oil in their yards.

"It's starting to make my kids sick, I've been to the hospital roughly three times now," said Robinson.

Valerie Andrews, a homeowner, says her daughters weren't able to have a birthday last year due to her father's death. Plans to make it up to them fell apart when the pipeline burst.

"So we had a big eighteenth birthday party drove up and there's oil in our yards. So no birthday party again this year," said Andrews. "It's pretty upsetting."

Residents say they're simply asking for Exxon to step up and pay for not only the immediate damages but also for those that they have yet to see.

"Pretty much My property value back," said Robinson. "I mean, honest to God truth, one hundred percent of my property value back."

A class action suit was filed early Friday{}afternoon also seeking compensation for possible harm to local property values.