Some parents not buying school supplies during tax free weekend

It's the second time Arkansas is having tax free weekend and based on last year's experience, some parents looking for school supplies are choosing to do things differently this time around.

"I tell the kids at my school you better have the tools your paper, your pencils, your erasers, your crayons your markers," said Scott Morgan, the principal at McDermott Elementary School.

The school supply list is the one homework assignment parents get before school starts. Leighanne Harvey just started checking hers off today.

"We've got to get everything on the list," said Harvey. "I have nothing so I have Ota start from scratch," she said.

But although tax free weekend is a good opportunity for parents to save money, some are choosing to shop earlier to avoid the crowds.

"Well, I'm going to try to avoid that this weekend because I know it's going to be really busy," said Harvey. "So it fit it in my schedule for me to do it right now. So we're here to get it done," she said.

Many stores around the state are stocking up in supplies and staff to prepare for the large crowds.

"A lot of guest traffic. A lot of the parents coming in getting school supplies for the whole year and it's a lot of fun," said Tralaine Funches, a sales associate at Target.

It's a weekend parents are preparing for whether they are taking advantage of it or not.

Not all items will be tax free this weekend. Here are some exceptions: