Some residents focusing on economic injection from the Mayflower oil spill

MAYFLOWER (KATV) - Residents have found a silver lining in the oil spill from 10 days ago: as crews continue the cleanup, they're giving a financial boost to the town.

Hundreds of people from ExxonMobil, state agencies and outside groups have descended into Mayflower, cleaning up and monitoring the oil spill - and bringing their cash with them.

"It is an unfortunate thing," said Eddy York, "but it is helping out the economy around here because of the influx of employees through Exxon."

One diner owner estimated she's seen an extra 100 people each day - a big difference for a small town of around 2,000.

Grabbing a burger at the local diner also gives residents a unique chance to get to know the folks they're trusting to clean up their hometown.

"They've been nice, very courteous," said York. "I've seen it with my own eyes. They've been that way with me. We just all need to be patient and understanding. We want them to be here. I don't want them to leave next week. I want them to be here until this stuff is cleaned up."

Even workers at the local Exxon gas station said people haven't been avoiding them. In fact, they've been swamped with business.

There are no hotels in Mayflower, so surrounding areas like Conway and Maumelle have gotten a boost, too.