Soured Boat Sale

It appears an Attorney General lawsuit has not slowed down the questionable business practices of a Greers Ferry marina man.

The Attorney General filed suit against Gary Eubanks and Edgemont Marine on January 7th.

It remains in the discovery phase, but one of the things that is being discovered: new victims.

The lawsuit alleges violations under the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act over a five year period.

It states that "...after they have collected money from the buyer, the defendants fail to deliver any proceeds of the sale to the selling owner."

It calls such behavior "unconscionable and deceptive."

"We were aware of about five at the time that we filed," says Sarah Tacker, Senior Assistant Attorney General. "Since that time we have become aware of two others for a total of seven victims."

"He said he could sell my boat for me," says Douglas Guterman of Lonoke recalling a conversation he had with Gary Eubanks. "And the reason I wanted it done was...I just had a hip operation and I can't ride a boat. So I could not demonstrate it to anybody if I tried to sell it privately."

Guterman says he trusted Eubanks to sell his 2006 Glastron SX 175 on June 22nd...more than six months after the Attorney General filed suit.

It was listed on Craigslist and in about two weeks (on July 6th) it was sold to a woman in Little Rock.

$17,000.00 was to go to Guterman and $2,000.00 was to go to Eubanks.

But all Guterman says he has received from Eubanks are excuses, lies and attitude.

"So...I went back up there again," says Guterman about a return trip to Edgemont Marina near Greers Ferry. "And he says...I can't give you the money. He says, you know, I'm not gonna bother. I just bought a boat for my son...I think he's got a young son, much be high school age or something like that. So he says I bought him a boat. He says isn't that nice of me?"

Our attempts to reach Gary Eubanks and his Heber Springs attorney Zac White have been unsuccessful.

And we should note...Gary Eubanks the boat seller is not the same man as Little Rock attorney Gary Eubanks.

Air date: August 8th, 2013