Star City Football Player making improvements

Teammates decorate Towers locker

Wednesday, November 14, Zach's brother Ty announced the latest improvement on social media by writing, "Update: Zack has been taken off of respirator. He will stay off a few hours then put back on. He's breathing on his own. Praise God."

A TWITTER and FACEBOOK page have been set up for friends to stay updated on Zach's condition.

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A small town shows big support for one of its seriously injured football players. Star City residents gathered on November 9th to honor and pray for Zack Towers, whose condition has been upgraded from critical to serious.

"I'm here to support Zack towers and his family because they need all the prayers they can get," said Ashley Hopper, a friend of Towers' older brother.

It was the biggest reason why Star City residents showed up for the game Friday, to honor Zack Towers. And they have honored and supported him so far in more ways than one.

"Everyone in the community has poured out support all over town we have painted their windows has done fund raisers, the power bracelets," said Jenna Johnson, of Star City.

The outpouring of support kept flowing Friday night, with hundreds of balloons being released in honor of Towers right before the playoff game versus Heber Springs.

It is all done with the certainty that Zack will soon make a full recovery.

"I think a miracle is in the making right now, I really do," said Hopper.

Zack's friends have also used social media to show their support. His Facebook page has over 14,000 "likes" and his Twitter has over 2,000 followers.

STAR CITY (KATV) - A high school football player who suffered a head injury Thursday night remains in critical condition.

Friday, we first told you about 17 year old Zach Towers and took you to the prayer vigil where hundreds of people from the community gathered to show support. Monday, we learn more about the protocol for head injuries in high school football.

Zach Towers is a senior line backer, he was held out for two games because of a head injury and cleared to play Thursday. But while on the field, Zach collapsed in the third quarter and he is now fighting for his life.

September 6: Prolly getting an MRI today.

October 11: Head is killing me. Hopefully the pain alleviates a little before the game tomorrow.

October 23: So I had a concussion 2 weeks ago. Out this week. #this blows

These are just a few tweets Zach Towers wrote on twitter, before losing consciousness Thursday.

November 1st, Zach was rushed to a hospital and underwent brain surgery to stop bleeding to the brain. The following day, his high school held an impromptu prayer and that night hundreds of people in the community gathered in support of the teenager fighting for his life.

"Inside your skull, when your brain basically would go against the side of your skull, that would definitely cause a concussion. There isn't any proven way to keep that from happening."

Joey Walters with the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) says every coach is trained in concussion awareness and every student and parent must sign a fact sheet about signs and symptoms. If there's a suspected concussion, a player is pulled from practice and games.

He says, "The player can not return until they are cleared by a medical professional. Once they're cleared, they have to go through a 5 day gradual return protocol before they participate in practice or in a game." He continues, "The first day would be 15 minutes of fast paced walking, the next day would be individual skill work, of course no contact. The third day they can go through a full practice with no contact at all."

If symptoms return, the five days of no contact practice starts over.

But on October 31, one day before Zach collapsed on the field he wrote on twitter "my head is killing me. #I hate concussions."

"It's so important to be accountable to yourself but also to your teammates and coaches," Walters concludes.

Zach's family is grateful for the outpouring of support. His older brother, Ty is a Sophomore Quarterback at Ouachita Baptist University and asks for the prayers to continue. Ty played in the OBU game Saturday and had a #16 painted on his arm, Zach number in Star City.

A TWITTER and FACEBOOK page have been set up for friends to stay updated on Zach's condition.


(KATV) A Star City senior football player is in intensive care. Zach Towers left the game in the 3rd quarter of Thursday night's game against Crossett. It's a parent's worst nightmare and devastating for the small town of Star City.

Channel Seven is told by Zach's uncle that he was hit Thursday night at the end of the third quarter around 9 p.m.

Zach's uncle does not believe the hit was hard enough that it would cause an injury this severe, but he did suffer a concussion 2 weeks ago and has since been cleared to play. He feels that may have something to do with the condition he's in now.

Zach had some bleeding in his brain Thursday night that has stopped, but as of about 5 p.m. Friday, he was still unresponsive.

The school and the community is already showing its support for Zack and his family.

Students held a prayer vigil during the day. Head football coach, Blair Brown says, "The reaction of the students here has been a blessing to the family it's been an outpour of love. Today our students we had over four hundred completely make a prayer ring which was not planned, it just happened." People in the community gathered [see picture] for a candlelight prayer vigil 7:30 p.m. at the football stadium in Star City.

Zach's older brother is Ty Towers, the quarterback at Ouachita Baptist College.

He is the son of Jim Towers and Christy Rasico. He wears number 16 and plays inside linebacker and tight end. He has been with the bulldog program for three years.

Zack was voted Best Figure in this year's Who's Who and is enrolled in college courses on campus this year. He also received defensive player of the game for the Warren and Hamburg games this season. What he likes most about being a bulldog is eating pre-game meals; listening to Coach Brown's never ending speeches, and the Friday night lights.

Stay with and Channel Seven for the latest on how Towers is doing.