Stars of Duck Dynasty shed feathers of business to students

They're like movie-stars in camouflage, and a couple of them made a visit to central Arkansas Tuesday.

A couple from the hit series "Duck Dynasty," based in West Monroe, La. held a business talk with students at Harding University on Tuesday.

You may not meet a more down home couple than the Robertson's, who talked about life-changing reality television. Their message was relaying to students what faith and family first did to create a multi-million dollar business.

It was about 20 years ago when Willie and Korie Robertson left the woods and game of north Louisiana behind to attend Harding.

"It was truly a family business. We sat around that dinner table, it was a small one at that point," said Willie Robertson.

"Phil would tell us how big we could be and all that. I always say we were so poor we didn't have many options, so it sounded like a good idea that he was going to sell a million dollars worth of these things; and low and behold we did it."

Life has now been turned upside down for the entire family, but that hasn't changed their relationships although they're being surrounded by a reality television series.

"With TV there's so much garbage on there that we wanted this to be a positive show about family, and you still with your family," Robertson added.

"We really feel like it's pulled us closer together," said his wife, Korie. "We film together, you know six days a week, so there's no getting away from each other."

It gave college students that may have future dreams of building a business of their own, a different framework to begin with.

"It was cool to see they still carry that over when it's not on TV. It shows it's really a core value in their life and dictates everything they do," said Harding senior Ethan Holloway.

"Ethics, business, family, and how it is possible to make it all work. It's not just business or family, you can make it all work," added fellow senior Lauren Leighton.

One man that asked a question Tuesday afternoon said he made the trip from Maryland to come hear them speak.