State politicos show some love for Valentine's Day

      LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A Twitter hashtag went viral throughout Arkansas' political community this Valentine's Day.

      State politicos took a few moments' break from the 2013 Session and used the #ARLegValentines hashtag to show their love with a political twist in honor of the occasion. Here are just a few:

      "I only have 'ayes' for you." -- @tyler_h

      "I won't amend you in committee meetings. I like you just the way you are." -- @JamesCMcNeal

      "Your love is my drug - and I'd fail the pre-unemployment benefits screening." -- @KatieMcManners

      "Guess you'll be stuck in committee because you can't 'Do Pass' on my love." -- @KATVLilley

      "Our love doesn't have a debt ceiling." -- @ArkansanMag

      "Are you registered? Because I'm pretty sure you're lobbying for my heart." -- @HilaryDemillo

      "My love will mend your broken heart, like amending a broken bill." -- @KATVScott

      "I can't wait three months for you, so please adopt my emergency clause." -- @DeCample

      "Gov. Beebe, you're my heartbeat... bill." -- @Spencer_Hawks

      "May our bond never be an issue." -- @CBartlesLIT

      "Let's undergo a rigorous impact study." -- @BradleyPhillips