State rests in Martha Shoffner extortion and bribery trial

(KATV) The state of Arkansas rested Monday after trying to make the case that former Arkansas treasurer Martha Shoffner participated in extortion and bribery. The defense will call witnesses Tuesday.

It was revealed in court that former bond broker Steele Stephens, who worked with the FBI to bring charges to Shoffner made $2.5 million dollars in commission from doing business with the state.

Shoffner is accused of taking $36,000 from Stephens. The state is arguing in turn, Stephen's company did more than double the amount of business with Stephen's company than any other broker, at the direction of Shoffner, according to her former employees who testified against her.

The defense argues a former employee who was fired by Shoffner called the FBI, setting Shoffner up.

Even Steele, the state's star witness says he didn't like Shoffner's employees

"I knew there would be a conspiracy to drop her in the grease," Stephens said.

In the video recording from a hidden camera Stephens was wearing, it shows Shoffner letting Stephens into her kitchen with a pie box containing $6,000.

In the recordings, Shoffner can be heard talking about the legislative audit, in which they asked if she took any money.

"I said no and I'll go to my grave with that," Shoffner said.

Stephens was asked by the prosecution if the payments got him influence, to which he replied, "I'm sure it did."{}

Also in the recordings, Shoffner thanks Stephens for a pair of glasses he got her, which she allegedly wore at her legislative audit.

"I love those glasses you got me. I wear them all the time," Shoffner said, "You've been a true friend. A true friend."