Flu shot clinics coming to every county

Even though there are fewcases of the flu right now, you want to get your shot before the season starts.

Beginning October 22 and throughthe first week in November the Arkansas Department of Health is providing fluclinics in every county. Some will even be drive thru clinics where you can getyour shot without even leaving your car.

The Center for DiseaseControl and Prevention recommends anyone six months and older get a fluvaccine. The shot is 60 to 90 percent effective.

If you have healthinsurance, ADH will ask your insurance company to pay the cost of the shot. Ifyou have Medicare, Medicaid, or ARKids First, bring your card so ADH can filewith the insurance company. If you do not have any form of insurance or if yourinsurance refuses to pay, the vaccine will be free.

To find out about theclinic nearest you, click here.