Step-father of kidnapping victim speaks out

SALINE COUNTY (KATV) - The treatment and rescue of Monday's kidnapping victims is like something out of a movie. But on Wednesday afternoon, Channel 7 spoke to the step-father of one the alleged victims. He tells me this is another very real tragedy that's happened to his step-daughter.

"It hasn't really set on me because I just found out," said Ricky Stone of his step-daughter.

Stone had no idea his 27-year-old step-daughter claimed she was kidnapped on Monday by two men and a woman. One of the other women who also says she was kidnapped managed to escape. She ran into a lady, who only wanted to be identified as Irene. She called police.

"She said get out here they're going to kill me they're going to kill me they're going to kill those girl they're beating their faces in they're got them tied up in a back room," said Irene. "[She] said please help me please help me so we called 911," she said.

The two other victims, including Stone's step-daughter, got out alive and are now safe. And although it's a horrific incident, it's the only update Stone has had in weeks.

"It scares me, I mean I'm relieved that she's okay. But to have a daughter that you don't know where they're at, what they're doing or who they're with, it's just an ongoing thing," said Stone.

Stone still hasn't heard from his step-daughter, and although he doesn't expect to see her, even after this, he longs for one thing.

"I hope that now she'll get it now. [That] this will work for her now. She will come back and be my little girl," said Stone. "She's lost and I want her to figure out she's lost," he said.

The three suspects in this case are in jail now and face several charges including False Imprisonment and Battery.

Channel 7 spoke to the mother of the other victim found in the house. She has chosen not to speak to the media at this time.