Steven Murry (again)


In addition to keeping your mail dry when it rains, it is always nice if a mailbox can withstand any attack by teenagers who just watched "Stand By Me."

Brick or stone mailboxes do the trick...if you hire the right person to build you one.

We have a suggestion on who NOT to hire.

Every fall for the last three years the name Steven Murry has popped up on the Seven-On-Your-Side radar.

Here we go again.

The owner of this Hillcrest property should have a brick mailbox out front.

But....there is nothing to see...despite the homeowner paying a contractor up front.

"Well the complaints are against S & N Masonry," says Michael Rohrer with the Arkansas Better Business Bureau. "And the complaints we have right now currently are unfinished jobs and delivery issues."

Tis the season for Murry to go around central Arkansas door-to-door and share a sob story with those unfortunate enough to answer his knock.

This is the third year in a row we have reported on Murry's malicious ways.

Both our Seven-On-Your-Side office and the Better Business Bureau have received numerous complaints.

In almost all the cases Murry convinced the homeowner that his wife and kids were in great need and if they would only pay him to make a mailbox up front he would return and complete the task.

In many cases he did return...but in few cases did he do good work or finish.

"There is nothing wrong with somebody going out and finding their own leads as long as they are following through and doing a good job," explains Rohrer. "The problem is when they go out and knock on doors and solicit this work and then don't follow through. That is the complaints that we hear."

This year Murry is calling his business S and N Masonry but he has used other business names in the past.

One thing that hasn't changed is our recommendation not to hire him.

Air date: September 12th, 2013