Still no trace of John Glasgow 5 years later

(KATV) On January 28, 2008, John Glasgow left home and was never heard from again.

His vehicle was located the next day at Mathers Lodge on Petit Jean Mountain in Conway County because his cell phone was traced there. A reward of $100,000 was offered. He has since been declared legally dead.

Glasgow was 45 years old and the Chief Financial Officer for CDI Contractors in Little Rock. He worked for them for 17 years.

Leading up to his disappearance, Glasgow wrote a letter to the CEO of Dillard's, Inc, who was part owner of CDI at the time. He is now the full owner.

The letter said, in part, "I'm concerned that our foundation is on shaky ground. I want to keep this partnership together....Will you please let me do that? If we can move forward, then I have a plan for how to do it. First, you have to call off the dogs."

In January 2012, nearly four years after Glasgow's disappearance, police confirmed they had been working with Jonathan Brawner, a twice convicted felon. His Conway attorney, Frank Shaw said his client told police not only where John Glasgow is buried, but also who is responsible.

Brawner told Shaw Glasgow was buried in a bean field along the Lonoke/Pulaski County line. He took a polygraph and Shaw said at the time that, "According to the polygraph examiner, he passed it and he passed it, I'll say this in quotes, 'he passed it easily'."

Little Rock police and the National Guard searched the field. Teams used sonar equipment and marked areas with flags. A team of scientists from the University of Arkansas' Archeological Survey searched the area with radar equipment. No remains were found.

Glasgow's family denies any speculation that he committed suicide or fled. His home and cars were paid for and he reportedly did not have debt. Glasgow was married and has siblings in Arkansas.