Stolen Christmas Hams Found in Arkansas

Thousands of stolen Christmas hams were discovered in a Little Rock lot. Now, the driver of an 18-wheeler is behind bars, and the Arkansas Department of Health is asking folks who bought those hams to throw them away.

The hams were stolen from South Carolina. It was there that truck driver Robert Lee picked up the load and was supposed to deliver it to Florida. That was two weeks ago, but somehow both he and the truck ended up in Arkansas.

Police say someone reported some suspicious activity by the semi-trailer Thursday morning. It turned out to be folks unloading and buying up those Christmas hams. Officers arrested Lee and charged him with theft by receiving.

When it left South Carolina the 53 foot trailer was packed. Now, it's only about half-full. That means several people who purchased or were given the hams need to take note. Though the trailer was refrigerated, the hams are not safe to eat. Health department inspectors were sent to examine the meat. Here is what they advise.

"ADH recommends that consumers destroy any ham that was bought from the truck since proper handling to ensure the food is safe to eat cannot be verified."

A wrecking crew towed the trailer away. All of the remaining Christmas hams will be destroyed.