Stolen Home

ENGLAND (KATV) -There's always the chance that a used vehicle you buy might be stolen. A previously owned cell phone or other electronic device might also be hot. But a house? One woman is still in shock after being told this week her new home is not hers. The Attorney General filed suit against Jason Curtsinger nearly three years ago. While that drags on, it seems he is causing more trouble for more people. "Oh I love this trailer," says Peggie Ann Spires while standing inside the kitchen of her Lonoke County mobile home. "This was going to be my home." After owning an acre near England for 30 years, in February Spires was finally able to put a home on it. It wasn't much...all that she could afford...sold to her, delivered and set up by Jason Curtsinger. "All I can say is if you're out there and you bought a mobile home from Jason, please go to your local police officer and make sure it's not a stolen mobile home so they won't be in the same boat that I'm in," shares a weeping Spires. Spires is still in shock after she was told by a private investigator this week that the mobile home she put $3,000 dollars down on and that she is paying $350 a month for...was stolen off some land for sale in Conway. Her dream of independent living for her and her dog Swish has been shattered. Homeless in two weeks she will likely have to move in with family. "Until I get to the point that I have to have care by my children...I don't want to live with them," says Spire. "I want to live home. And this is home. And in two weeks time I'm not going to have a home." Jason Curtsinger is currently facing charges in Cleburne County. The sale of this trailer to Ms. Spires remains under investigation. We called and left a message for Curtsinger this afternoon. He has not returned our call. Air date: April 22nd, 2014