Strawberry Season Starts Early

They're big, they're ripe, they're sweet and juicy, and this year Arkansas strawberries have come early. Holland Bottom Farm in Cabot is full of them right now.

Owner Sandy Odom said, "We have been growing strawberries for 30 years and have never picked in March before. We starting picking them March 24th."

You can buy the pre-picked berries daily and the Odom's, who own the farm, say they're perfect for making jam, freezing and best of all eating right away.

Sandy Odom, "These berries are huge this year. I don't know what we did, extra fertilizer, extra sugar. I don't know what we did but they are extra sweet and huge."

Larry Odom says the crop this year is one of the top three he's ever had. "We hope people realize it's early and get out to whatever berry field you go to and get a lot of berries. They're very good in flavor and good in size."

Holland Bottom Farm is on Highway 321 in Cabot. Click on the link next to this story for directions and more information.