Student claims LRSD teacher hits him with her high heel shoe

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--Disappointed with the Little Rock School District is how one mother feels tonight. This after she says her son's biology teacher hit him with her high heel shoe on Monday.

Santrise White's son attends Hall High. White says she couldn't believe it when her son told her his teacher had hit him with a high heel shoe, and she now wants action taken by LRSD Administrators.

It was a typical school day for White's son, a sophomore at Hall High attending his biology class, but this Monday would later turn out to be anything but typical.

"He called my husband, stating that the teacher had took her shoe off and hit him in the knee with it, and I called back up to the school and finally caught up with the teacher, who later just told me that she took her heel off and hit him twice," said White.

White says the Hall High teacher in question proceeded to tell her why she hit her son with a high heel shoe.

"She claimed that he touched her in the breast in front of everyone and my reply was... if he did that you should have sent him to the principal's office."

White, and the student's father Markus, both say they've raised him to be a respectful young man and don't believe the teacher's accusation.

However, what they do know is that the teacher admitted to the incident during a recorded phone call.

The teacher allegedly said "I am sorry that I hit your son, I shouldn't have I understand."

"Taking your high heel shoe off and hitting my child is unacceptable to any child," White added.

Channel 7 did receive a copy of the recorded phone conversation between White and the Hall High teacher, although we legally cannot broadcast it.

It was after Channel 7 contacted LRSD for comment that an investigation was launched today, four days after the incident happened.

In the phone call, the caller does identify herself as a biology teacher living in the community with most of the kids she teaches.