Student Feels Unfairly Suspended for Fight Caught on Video

(KATV) Maumelle - A fight that lasted a few minutes in a Maumelle High School bathroom isn't over, that's because it is being played over and over through text and social network sites.

(Constance Lewis gave Channel Seven permission to interview her daughter. The station chose to do it without disclosing her name or face.)

The 15-year old wearing pink, being punched in the fight says she used to be best friends with other teenager in the video. "Stuff happened and we haven't really been the same since." They are the same problems you may have gone through in high school ... but this video caught what happened Thursday at about 10 a.m. when students were walking between classes.

Constance Lewis is the mother of the 15-year old in the pink shirt. She says this knock down drag out fight is unacceptable, and the video being passed around takes it to a new level. "My daughter is not 100% innocent in this; there have been verbal attacks both ways."

Superintendent Dr. Jerry Guess with the Pulaski County Special School District says they are investigating the case. He adds, "Any time a student is confronted, bullied, threatened, concerned, that student should go to an adult."

Lewis' daughter says she was lured in the bathroom by girls who said her former friend wanted to end the feud. The teenager tells Channel Seven that she is the one visibly walking away and says "I won't fight you". She says girls blocked her from walking out [to tell a teacher].

Now she questions why she received the same four day suspension as the other student.

The girl says, "I have said some pretty harsh things but actions do speak louder than words and I think this is completely on a different level than words."

Dr. Guess concludes, "We have a non tolerance policy regarding conflicts, regarding violence, regarding fights and if we know they do then we are going to punish them based on the handbook."

Lewis doesn't agree, saying the video is evidence her daughter couldn't walk away and she received the punches. "My feeling is we have to do something to protect these children. Right now, the girls who took the video are still in school. How is that fair?"

Dr. Jerry Guess says phones are not allowed to be used during school; the investigation is still open to find out who those students are.

In four days the girls will return to school. Lewis wants a restraining order, saying her daughter is scared and will have to walk the same halls as her former friend.

The two girls have been to the principal's office before.