Students rappel off building in LRFD's 4th annual Citizens Fire Academy

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -Thursday evening the Little Rock Fire Department wrapped week seven of its fourth annual Citizens Fire Academy.
The classes cover everything from how to put our a fire to learning how to do CPR. But Thursday's class was not for the faint of heart.
"I felt terrified," said Kimberly Buckner, a student in the class.
It's far from your typical class. Week seven, firefighters didn't save lives instead they showed students how they do it. The lesson was on how to rappel.
"In your head you know, you're not going to die. But you don't really know that," she said.
Trainers had the anxious students rappel off of a 40 foot building.
"I was a firefighter in the Navy so we had to do some crazy stuff too. But this here, this is good," said Noel Porter, also a student. "You guys going up though?" he asked.
Needless to say, the answer to Porter's question was a very nervous yes.
But however, fun or obviously nerve-racking it may be, Thursday night all of the students learn more than just how to rappel.
"we do a lot more than just go to fires," said Douglas Coney, Assistant Fire Chief for LRFD. "If we have window washers on the outside of one of the buildings downtown, the guys might have to go out on top of the buildings and rappel over it to get those guys off."
The class was also a good lesson for the youngsters out there too. You may want to do some research before you decide what you want to be when you grow up.
"it's one of those things you think about what you want to be when I grow up," said Buckner. "But you have no idea what all it entails, until you get to do something like this and see it first hand."